Readings: Is. 40:25-31 | Ps. 103:1-4, 8, 10 | Mt. 11:28-308

Isaiah is calling all the people to remain steadfast and not grow weary. They have been distracted and are called to recognize all that God has done for them. Isaiah reminds them that God does not get weary nor faint. God strengthens those who remain faithful. They shall not fail. Jesus calls each of us to come to Him and place all our trust in Him. Jesus assures us that His yoke is easy and the burden is light. The yoke was made to fit the animal and each one was put on to help the oxen stay in line and not falter. What Jesus seems to be telling us is that He is like the owner of the oxen and we are His. He watches over us and makes the yoke just big enough to keep us from getting hurt. The question then is: Do you trust God enough?

Take time to consider your relationship with God. Do you trust God? Do you trust God to take care of you in all times and places? Do you believe that God will lead you to Him? Why or why not? Take time to talk to God. Ask God to increase your trust in Him.

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