Feast of St. Juan Diego

 Is. 41:13-20 | Ps. 145:1, 9-13 | Mt. 11:11-15

The reading from Isaiah is filled with the ways in which God will come to rescue the people through the promised one, the Messiah.  God sees the affliction of Israel and does not want them to remain in  misery. Why will God come to the people and heal them?  Because God’s love is so strong for the people.  All will come to know God’s goodness, greatness and God’s desire that the people will be whole.

Jesus tells us that John the Baptist is the greatest prophet yet the least of those in the kingdom are greater than he.  Jesus continues to tell the people that John the Baptist is Elijah, the prophet who was to return.  Jesus does not force any of the people to believe this.  He simply states: “ If you are prepared to accept it,” and “ Heed carefully what you hear!”  Most people were looking for the return of Elijah as promised.  The difficulty is that they expected Elijah to return in the exact same manner as he left, i.e., fiery chair, and with the same features as he had.  Holding fast to this picture, prevented then from seeing John as the greatest prophet yet and as Elijah.

Reflect on your life.  Do you expect all things to be as they were before?  Do you hold onto your own conception of things, people, places?  How do these concepts prevent you from seeing the new?  Ask Jesus to give you

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