Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Gn. 3:9-24 | Ps. 90:2-6, 12-13 | Mk. 8:1-10

Genesis tells us the result of the choices of Adam and Eve.  While they may have come to understand the difference between Good and Evil, they also come to know the effects of making bad choices.  So the growth promised by Satan is clouded by the poor choice they make.  The Gospel portrays Jesus being filled with compassion and concern for all the people who came to hear Him and now have no food to sustain them for their journey home.  Jesus empowers the apostles to look for food and then provides for the sharing of that food in such a way that all (over 4000 people) have sufficient food for their journey.  Again, we see the contrast between the result of following the darkness and following the light.  The light brings more life and light while the darkness brings more of the same.  Also, the motivation of Jesus towards compassion differs from the motivation of Adam and Eve towards power.

Consider the gifts you have been given.  Are you satisfied with these gifts?  Are you motivated to go out towards others with joy and compassion?  Or are you motivated by desires to have more and more.  Give thanks for your gifts; and, ask God to gift you with the grace of gratitude and satisfaction for the gifts you presently possess.

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