Feast of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order

James 2:1-9 | Ps. 34:2-7 | Mark 8:27-33

The readings today call us to reflect deeply in three significant ways.  First, we are to treat all people equally, be they rich or poor, young or old, persons of stature or insignificance, etc.  Second, we are asked to say: 1) Who is Jesus for us?  2) Is he a prophet, a good and holy man, or is Jesus the Messiah?  3) Jesus tells Peter that he must not try to change God’s ways.  God asks Jesus to take up his cross and to suffer.  Jesus responds positively.  Peter wants to protect Jesus.  We are being called to accept God’s plan for our lives.  Are we willing to do so?

What is your general manner of treating people?

Who is Jesus for you?

Whose  plan do you follow in your life: Yours or God’s?

What needs to be changed in your life?  What will you personally do to change?

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