Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lv. 19:1-2, 17-18 | Ps. 103:1-4, 8, 10, 12-13 | 1 Cor.3:16-23 | Mt.5:38-48

Paul’s letter is a great introduction to our readings today.  Paul reminds us that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.  This Spirit was given to us at Baptism.  Therefore, if we are disrespectful towards that Spirit, then we are destroying God’s temple.  This ties in to the first reading.  Moses tells us to be holy as God is holy.  We are not to hold a grudge or do evil towards others.

Jesus continues His sermon on the mount.  He encourages the people not to look for revenge.  Jesus suggests that we take various steps to show kindness instead.  Looking at these statements of action, one would respond in a way that causes the other to think twice about a suggested action.  Most of us would think they were terrible acts.  However, as we look on these suggestions, we observe action that in reality will give the receiver time to consider their own action.  Jesus’ suggestions are not meant to take an “eye for an eye,” rather, it will cause the receiver to be more careful about his actions.  So, we are invited to be perfect as God is perfect.  This is a life-long challenger.

 Begin to reflect on your actions.  Do you respond with love or do you do evil?  Ask God to keep you on track.

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