Monday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Sir. 1:1-10 | Ps. 93:1-2, 5 | Mk. 9:14-29

The reading from Sirach draws our attention to Wisdom and to recognize that God is Wisdom.  Wisdom comes from and returns to God and extends from one end of the earth to the other.  The Gospel relates the story of Jesus’s healing of the boy who is possessed.  The father asked the disciples to heal him; but, they are not able to do so.  Thus, the father goes to Jesus and asks: “If you can, please cure him.” Jesus’s response is “Everything is possible to one who trusts.” Jesus invites us to trust Him today with our lives.  Jesus invites us to gift ourselves to His care, care of every fiber of our being, every hair of our head, every desire of our heart.  Do you trust?  That is Christ’s question for us today.  Also, Jesus helps us to recognize that some areas of healing demand prayer.  So the second area for our discernment today is:  Do we pray?  What is the quality of our prayer?  Are we willing to give our all to God to be healed?

Take time today to be with Jesus.  Ask Jesus for the grace of trust.  Look at your life.  In what areas/ways do you need to grow in trust.  Bring those areas/ways to Jesus and ask Him to help you grow in trust.  Remain with Jesus for a few moments of quiet. Allow Jesus to enter you and touch that area of need.  Thank Jesus at the end of the prayer for all the ways He has touched your life.

Allow yourself time to imagine yourself before Jesus.  See His healing eyes and the depth of His love for you.  Bring your desert places, your wastelands, your hurts, your sins, etc., to Jesus and allow Him to heal them.  Know that this is God’s desire for you even more than it is your desire for yourself.

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