Thursday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

 James 5:1-6  | Ps. 49:14-20 | Mark 9:41-50

Jesus continues to call us to look at the way we live to see if we give good examples or bad examples to others.  Everything we do gives an example to others.  Whether we are at work among peers, at the store with strangers, or at home with family, we are constantly giving examples.  Jesus is strong concerning this.  If we give scandal to others or teach younger people things that are wrong we will be called to task for that.  Jesus tells us that we need to keep ourselves attuned to God and eager to carry out the ways of God.  If we do so, we will be at peace with ourselves and God.

James reiterates this when he reminds us that what we do to/for others so we do to/for Jesus.  

How do you treat others at work?  In the store? At home?

What is your attitude towards those who do not appear to look like yourself? Think as you do ?

What needs to be changed so that the attitude of Christ is your attitude?

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