Saturday of the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

James 5:13-20 |Ps. 141:1-3, 8 | Mark 10:13-16

This Gospel tells us clearly what relationship Jesus had with children.  Jesus invites us to have the same welcoming attitude towards the children and to treat them with care.  Beyond this, Jesus tells us what the attitude of the Father is toward children.  He likewise invites us to adopt the attitude of openness which the child has.  It is this openness that allows us to hear God and to accept and follow the way of God.  If we are closed, then God cannot enter to lead us to the kingdom.

James calls us to pray for one another.  We have to realize that we need to help others and pray for their needs.  Sometimes, people are not able to pray for themselves. Perhaps it is because they are sick or have fears or don’t even realize that they have needs.  The prayer of others will be heard by God and aid the one in need.

What attitude do you have toward God?  Do you realize your need for God?  Are you open to God? Do you want your own way or are you willing to see that there is possibly another way?

Do you allow yourself time with God? Or do you fill up every minute of your day with so much activity that no one could break through?  What needs to be changed?  How will you do that?

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