Feast of Katharine Drexel

Is. 55:10-11 | Ps 34: 4-7, 16-19 | Mt 6:7-15

Jesus teaches us to pray using the Our Father as a tool.  Interestingly, He begins His teaching by inviting us to realize that our prayer should not be empty words but to pray with our hearts.  Jesus assures us that God the Father knows what we need before we even ask.  Isaiah seems to be inviting us to realize the same thing.  God’s word is active and true.  God’s word is not spoken and then changed.  God speaks and likewise fulfills the Word spoken.  Isaiah assures us that God will accomplish what was proposed.  It is God’s desire to be with us and to grant us all that we need on this daily journey.  God sent Jesus to teach us how to live and to pray.

Today take some time to talk to God from your heart.  Be attuned to God as you speak.  Believe that God loves you and wants to be in a relationship of love with you.  Slowly pray the Our Father believing that God will hear your prayer and answer you.

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