Feast of Saint Blaise, Bishop and Martyr

 1 Kings 2:1-4, 10-12 | 1Chronicles 29:10-12 | Mk. 6:7-13

King David dies and is succeeded by Solomon, his son.  David speaks to Solomon prior to his death and instructs him in the way of living according to the will of God.

Jesus has instructed His apostles and sends them out in twos to go and preach to the neighboring towns.  They are to accept lodging where it is offered and to remain there until their work is finished. They are to leave the towns that do not accept them and to shake the dust of the town from their feet.  The work of the Lord is plentiful.  Those who refuse to be open are not worthy of the time and energy of those who come in God’s name to bring them to the fullness of God’s love.  Thus we are called to be open to God’s love and actions that are sent our way and to realize that we also have the duty to bring God’s word to others.  Doing so, many people will be healed and brought to God’s joy.

Pause to see how willing you are to bring the Good News of Jesus’ love to others.  Try to find ways to bring God’s joy to others as you continue your life and love for others.

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