Feast of St. Agatha

1Kings 3:4-13 |Ps. 119:9-14 |Mark 6:30-34

We see God’s love and deep compassion in today’s readings.  In the first reading God asks Solomon what he would like given him.  When Solomon responds with requests for the people he shepherds, God not only grants those requests but also bestows many more graces upon him personally.  When the apostles return from their activities to preach the good news, Jesus has great compassion on them and wants to grant them much needed rest.  Upon retreating to a deserted place, the people have found him. Jesus takes great compassion upon these people and teaches them because they were without a leader.

Do you hunger for the things of God?  Why or why not?

When was the last time that you took time to go away from the hectic side of life and search for Jesus?

How can you take this time during the ordinary day? the ordinary week?  Take time to do so now.

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