Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Is 58: 7-10 | Ps 112: 4-9 | 1 Cor, 2: 1-5 | Mt 5: 13-16

We all know people who are kind and thoughtful, people who are selfless and sacrificing, people who are proud and braggadocio, people who are obnoxious and loud.  Today’s readings call us to recognize that God has gifted each of us in many ways; and, that all we are or all we do is possible only because God has placed us in His care and has gifted us.  Isaiah is calling us to be aware that God wants us to live with other people in mind.  This means that we look around us and see the people who are poor, homeless, naked, etc.  Then we must go out and do something for them.  We are also called to act with joy, love, and concern for all people.

Paul tells us that he came to minister to the Corinthians with ordinary words and works.  He came believing that God would give him all he needed in order to teach the Good News to the people. This was a reliance on God; and, Paul urges us to live and act with the same reliance on the Holy Spirit to lead us in all things.

Jesus tells the apostles that they are the salt of the earth and light of the world.  If they, if we lose our flavor or light, that is, the flavor and light of Christ, then we will be of no use.  Jesus invites us, to allow God to use us and to let God touch our lives deeply with God’s peace and joy.  Doing so, we will be able to allow that light of Christ to shine and become taught by all with whom we live and work.

Take time to reflect on how much you allow God to lead and direct you.  Where do you need to do so more fully?  Ask God to help you begin to rely more on Him today.

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