Feast of St. Paul Mike and Companions

 Gn. 1:1-19 | Ps. 104:1-2a, 5-6, 10, 12, 24, 35 | Mk. 6:53-56

The first reading is the beginning of the first story of creation. God, out of love, is creating the world, the earth, day and night, land and sea.  At the end of each act, God looks upon the work completed and says: “It is good!”  The Gospel continues the story of Jesus trying to find a quiet place for the disciples to rest in order to recoup and regain the necessary energy to continue their work.  However, it seems that wherever He goes, Jesus is recognized and people rush to present the sick, blind, etc. to Him for healing.  Jesus, the compassionate one, looks upon these people and heals them.  It is as though Jesus is mindful of each person’s goodness, and Jesus wants to restore that individual’s health.  Jesus continues the creation story by looking upon those in need of healing, shows compassion, and brings back all that are missing.

Today, spend time noticing creation.  Notice the trees, the earth, the soil, the people. Recognize God’s goodness in each thin

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