Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings: Job 7:1-4, 6-7 | Ps. 147:1-6 | 1 Cor. 9:16-19, 22, 23 | Mark 1:29-39

Job, who has been blessed by God, is experiencing much loss of those blessings. He is downcast and speaking in a depressed manner concerning the condition of his life. Paul is speaking about his works and accomplishments and gives credit to God for all of them, realizing that they were blessed by God and would not occur without that blessing. Jesus accompanies His apostles to Simon’s home and finds his mother-in-law ill. Jesus heals her despite His own feelings of exhaustion. Others come, and He has compassion for them also. The next day, He goes out to a lonely place to pray. God blesses each of us in different and varied ways. It is through these gifts that we are called to go out to others. We must realize that gifts are given and may someday be taken from us. In these moments, we need to call upon the Lord for help. Yet, we are also called to take time to go away and be with God. We must spend time with God who will remind us that we need God to be our strength, life and joy in our service of others.

Look at your life and determine how you depend on God each day.

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