Monday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

1Kings 8:1-7, 9-13 | Ps. 132:6-7, 8-10 | Mark 6:53-56

Solomon places the Ark of the Covenant in the Temple so that there is a place holy and fitting for the Lord.  

Once again, the apostles cross the sea and arrive at Gennesaret.  They are greeted by large crowds of people who are seeking healing from Jesus.  Jesus does not refuse them.  Those who ask are healed.

When have you sought healing from God?

Do you ask for healing or do you just wait around?  God asks us to trust so that God can respond.  We need to ask God for healing.

Take time now, or plan for a time today to stop all things and seek God and ask for the gifts and graces of healing that you need.

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