Tuesday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Gn. 1:20-2:4a |Ps. 8:4-9 | Mk. 7:1 -13

The first reading continues the story of creation.  Each work of creation is admired by God as good.  Finally, God decides to create something in God’s own image.  So God created human kind, male and female are made, and God looks upon them as good.  Humans are the only creatures of God that are made in God’s image.  We have free wills to respond to God’s love with a “yes” or a “no.”  

The Gospel contains the scene where the Pharisees are finding fault with Jesus because His disciples do not follow the ritual of the elders.  They defiled themselves, so to speak, because they did not wash their hands.  Jesus is rather upset with the Pharisees.  That is because they have used their free will to take a law and use it to their own advantage and to criticize others for not following the laws precisely.  Jesus sees through their hypocrisy and lets them know that they have taken advantage of their position to undo others.

Do you recognize that you are made in God’s image and are thus very good to God?  Do you take time to show gratitude to God for your life?  Do so now.  Spend some time reflecting on the great gift of life.  Give thanks to God and find some way to show that gratitude.

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