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Great communication is about more than just making announcements. It’s also about listening, relating, and building real relationships. We are happy to introduce and rollout a new means of communication called “Flocknote.” Flocknote is an engaging communication service created by Catholics for Catholic parishes.

It serves the unique purpose of assisting parishioners stay up to date with their Parish’s or Ministry’s news, information and updates via email, text messages and more. Flocknote is also big on interaction. You will be able to respond to many of the communications directly from the email you receive and add your comments in a conversation with other parishioners.

The Flocknote subscriber list and your information are private. You will not receive any inbox “Spam” as a result of subscribing to Flocknote. You can unsubscribe at any time and access your information by clicking “my info” which is available at the bottom of each email you receive.

To signup for updates, on your phone, Text: goqop to 84576 or on your tablet or computer, click on this link: qopparish.flocknote.com.

After you sign up, you may select a ministry or as many ministries to help out at Queen of Peace.  A ministry leader will be in contact with you.

Still have questions or need help with Flocknote?  See below.

Flocknote is a communication tool allowing us to communicate with you. Whether it’s a long newsletter or short messages, Flocknote is the perfect way to send text or messages to all of our parishioners and visitors.

Flocknote helps you to communicate with the people you care about either by email or text and other than verify your email and phone number, you do not have to do anything more.  We need a way to make sure we are reaching everyone at Queen of Peace providing the information they need.

That is the good part.  There is nothing to join.  The parish staff adds your name, email and phone number to Flocknote, you verify the information and that’s it.  No passwords to remember, no login names. You just receive the email or text (you choose) and that’s it.  Nothing to join.

However, to signup for weekly updates, on your phone, Text: goqop to 84576 or on your tablet or computer, click on this link: qopparish.flocknote.com.

Just verify your information when you receive the email.  That’s it.

Short answer is no.  Each email and phone number is unique and can only belong to one person. If two people share the same email address, only one of them can physically own the email address in Flocknote.

At the bottom of each email you receive, you will notice a “my info” link.  Just click this link and a page will display the information about yourself.  Just click beside the group(s) you are part of and click you preference, either the email symbol or the text symbol.

When you click on the email symbol,  you will notice it will gray out indicated you will not receive email messages from the group.  The same occurs when you click on the text symbol (small phone).  If you click both symbols you will not receive any messages, (not the best option).  We want you to be able to receive important emails and texts.

If you have any questions not covered here, just email us and a staff member will get back to you by email.

Email Us.