What is Formed?

Think about your favorite celebrity. You know what they look like, what is important to them, and what clothes they wear. You know about their kids, their home, and their workout routine. You admire their approach to life. You know a lot about them, but you don’t really know them.

Sometimes our relationship with Jesus can be like this.  We know a lot about him, but maybe we don’t know him through a personal relationship. When you spend time with someone, you come to really know them; you know what their daily life looks like. You know their heart and what matters most to them.

Perhaps we can invest some time in discovering and getting to know Jesus, his love for us, the church he established and the saints that have come before us. Perhaps meaningful media can help us begin to see what Jesus was like, hear what he taught, and understand what that means for us as Catholics and come to know and love him in an ever deeper and more intimate way.

As a gift to you, Queen of Peace is providing “FORMED” – a multimedia resource – to enrich, deepen, and inspire your faith.  Whether you prefer short daily snippets, enjoy movies, talk shows, audio books, podcasts or are looking for children’s cartoons and other content, there’s something for everyone. Much of FORMED’s content is available in both English and Spanish. FORMED has something for individuals of all ages and plenty of family fare is available on FORMED, which again, is our gift to you.  Check out FORMED today – press play and seek Jesus.

How to Access FORMED?

Get thousands of enriching Catholic movies, programs, audio, and books instantly on FORMED when you sign up.

  • Visit FORMED
  • Enter your parish zip code (32607)
  • Enter your name and email address.

That’s it!!!! You’re in and no password to remember.

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