Monday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

I Sam. 1:1-8 | Ps. 116:12-19 | Mk 1:14-20

Samuel tells of the plight of Hannah who has remained childless despite her continued pleading with God.  We see resemblances of her story to that of Elizabeth and others.  Jesus begins His mission calling people to repent and believe the Good News.  Jesus then begins to call certain people to be His disciples.  We see Him call Simon, Andrew, James and John.  All heard Jesus’ call and left to follow Him.

We are likewise called to follow Christ each day by bringing the Good News to all.  How well do we do this?  Do we set aside our own self will to allow Christ to become the most important person in our lives?  So we accept the challenge to belong to Christ?  These are ways we are called today.  We will cheerfully bring others to Christ if we have fist responded.  We are able to respond if we have spent time with Christ in prayer.

Take time  today and pray.  Make a plan to pray each day.  Don’t let other jobs, etc., prevent you from doing so.  You will not regret time spent in prayer.

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