Monday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Heb. 1:1-6 | Ps. 97:1-2, 6-7, 9 | Mk. 1:14-20

The first reading reminds us that in the days of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), God spoke to the people through prophets. When the time came for God to fulfill the promise, God sent Jesus whom He called His Son. Jesus, is one through whom God speaks to us. Jesus holds a place as God’s beloved in Heaven. As such, we can be assured that if we listen to and follow Jesus, we will gain eternal life.

The Gospel tells us how Jesus came after John was arrested. Jesus replaces the prophets and teaches us to repent and believe the good news. With that, Jesus calls Peter, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him. These men left everything and followed Jesus. Jesus calls each of us, each day, to follow Him and to walk in His path. What are you willing to put aside in order to follow Jesus? What are you willing to leave behind?

Take time today to ponder these questions. Ask Jesus to lead you to willingly follow His call– to be His disciple today.

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