Tuesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Heb. 2:5-12 | Ps. 8:2a, 5-9 | Mk. 1:21-28

The author of the first Reading sings a hymn saying: “What are we, that you have crowned us with honor and glory?” Jesus came to save us and so calls us brothers and sisters. The Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ teaching in the synagogue. He was so powerful and taught with such great authority that the people were astounded. He healed the man who was under the power of the evil spirit, and people grew more astounded by His ability to so these things. Jesus is among us today, and His love for us remains. Jesus wishes to heal us, convert us and bring us to the Father. Jesus still sees us as His brothers and sisters and wants nothing less for us than we be healed from all that binds us and keeps us from God.

Spend time visualizing this scene from the Gospels today. Ask Jesus to heal you from all that keeps you bound and prevents you from experiencing God’s deep love for you. Be with Christ in silence and joy.

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