Wednesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

 1 Sm. 3:1-10, 19-20 | Ps. 40:2-5, 7-10 | Mk. 1:29-39

Hannah’s prayer is granted and a son, Samuel, was born.  Hannah did as she promised and dedicated him to the Lord.  Samuel is called by God but he does not recognize the call at first.  Eli instructs Samuel and when God calls again, Samuel responds: “ Here I am.”  Jesus likewise has responded to God with His “yes”.  We see how this response is acted upon when Jesus goes to Peter’s home and He heals Peter’s Mother-in-law.  This is followed by many healings of people who seek Him.  Finally, Jesus goes off to a lonely place where He can be with God in prayer.

We are called to respond to God’s call with our “yes” by being present to others, offering consolation, compassion and love.  Likewise we are called to spend time with God in prayer.  God will provide all we need in order to carry out the task we have been invited to perform.

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