Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Heb. 4:1-5, 11 | Ps. 78:3-4, 6-8 | Mk. 2:1-12

As you may or may not have recognized, Jesus has performed many miracles during these first two chapters of Mark. Today, Jesus cures the paralytic because He has recognized the great faith of the men who have brought him to Jesus. They were so believing that they were willing to go to the extreme of raising the roof of the house so they could lower the man to Jesus. This is great faith indeed. What do you think your reaction would be when you see this man being lowered from the roof in front of Jesus? What would you want Jesus to do for this man? Is your response similar to or different from that of the Pharisees? Why do you think they responded as they did? Perhaps it is because their hearts were hardened to the voice of God, and they no longer felt compassion for others.

Take time to be with the paralytic. What do you think he felt, First, when the men offered to take him to Jesus? Second, when they arrived and there was no room? Third, when the men went out of their way to lower him through the roof? Fourth, when Jesus healed him? What does this call forth from you? How will you show compassion to others in your life?

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