Saturday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Heb. 4:12-16 | Ps. 19:8-10, 15 | Mk. 2:13-17

The Author of Hebrews is speaking about the power of the Word of God who is Jesus Christ. The author tells us that Christ is capable of seeing to the very depths of our being. The Word of Christ is active and alive and can see through the hearts of all. All our thoughts and actions are laid bare before Christ. The first reading also tells us that Christ knows all that we endure. He has endured it already and because of this, Christ can sympathize with us and intercede on our behalf with God. The Gospel relates the story of Jesus choosing Levi, who was a tax collector, to be one of His apostles. Jesus goes to Levi’s home for dinner, and He enjoys His time with them. However, the scribes criticize Jesus for being with these sinners. Jesus responds that He has not come for those who are righteous but to cure and heal sinners. Why is this? Have you ever met a righteous person? Usually, this person is so caught up in his/her own desires and visions that they cannot and do not have room for any other thoughts, opinions, or actions other than their own. These people have in some way or other become hard-hearted.

We are called to look at ourselves. Are we open to hearing the Word of God as presented to us through the Scriptures, the Church, others? Are we so caught up in our own ideas and beliefs that we have no room for any new ideas? Christ invites us today to be more pliable, more open, more loving. When we are, Christ can heal us and touch us in hundreds of new ways. Ask Jesus for the grace of an open, pliable heart.

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