Feast of St. Anthony

1 Sam.  15:16-23 | Ps. 50:8-9, 16-17, 21, 23 | Mk. 2:18-22

Samuel confronts Saul for not having done as God ordered him.  Saul attempts to reason away his sin by saying that be brought back the first fruits for sacrifice.    Samuel tells him that obedience is much more important than sacrifice.  Jesus is confronted concerning His disciples lack of fasting.  His response is that when the bridegroom is around, one does not fast.  When the bridegroom leaves then the fasting begins.  Jesus also reminds the Pharisees that one does not sew old clothing next to new, nor fill old wineskins with new wine.  We are called to recognize Jesus in our midst, to love Jesus and to proclaim Jesus to all.  We need to do that in a manner which will be heard.  We can do that only if we have spent time with Jesus listening to Him and being willing to bring the Gospel to others. We cannot bring our news to others.  We must bring God’s news to them.

Take time to reflect on how you bring God’s news to others.  When do you bring your news instead?  Why does this happen?  Ask Jesus for the help you need to change.

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