Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

1 Sm. 16:1-13 | Ps. 89:20-22, 27-28 | Mk. 2:23-28

Today’s readings teach us about God’s vision.  Samuel was sent to anoint one of Jesus’ sons as King of Israel.  When the sons came, Samuel sees one and thinks that surely this is the chosen one.  God tells him that God sees the heart which people cannot see.  When David appears, Samuel is told to anoint him.  The Pharisees likewise look at and scrutinize every move of Jesus.  They also find out that God’s view is different from that of obeying the letter of the law.  Jesus is criticized for allowing the disciples to pluck the grain on the Sabbath.  Jesus reminds the Pharisees about the actions of David when he and his men were hungry.

How is your vision?  Do you look at events with a “letter of the law” mentality?  Or do you attempt to see the action as being done by someone who has good intentions? How does one who loves God view events that are not visible?

Take time to be with God in prayer. Ask God to give you a clearer view of events.  Allow God space and time to be with you.

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