Wednesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

1 Sm. 17:32-33, 40-51 | Ps. 144:1-2, 9-10 | Mk. 3:1-6

We see how the Philistines try to do away with the Israelites and how the Pharisees try to do the same with Jesus.  The Philistines pit their giant against David but David prevails.  He is able to attack with a sling.  God was on the Israelites’ side and gave David all he needed to prevail.  The Pharisees attempt to catch Jesus in an action against the law.  Jesus is also protected by God and is able to win the battle with His wise words.  The Pharisees store up this act  of healing so to be able to use it against Jesus in the future.  God is always present to help us both in good times and bad.  What is required is that we have as much trust in God as David and Jesus did.  Placing our trust in God, we will be given whatever we need in order to do what God wants us to do.

Take time to be with God.  Ask for the great gift of trust.  Give yourself to God.  You will have all you need.

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