Feast of St. Fabian, Pope

Heb. 8:6-13 | Ps. 85:8, 10-14 | Mk. 3:13-19

The first reading tells the Hebrews that God is establishing a new covenant.  The old covenant failed when the people disobeyed God, sinned, and refused to walk in God’s ways.  Thus, God sent Jesus to establish this covenant with all people. God tells us that through this covenant God will place the commandments in our minds and will write the law on our hearts.  God says: “I will be your God and you will be my people.  We will thus come to know God in a very personal and intimate manner.  If we respond to God’s love with our “yes,” then we will know God personally and we will desire to be God’s alone.  The Gospel relates how Jesus established this new covenant.  Mark has Jesus on a mountain calling the twelve apostles to himself and commissioning them to heal and cure demons.  

Jesus calls the apostles to follow him closely and to learn how He loves the Father and always wants to do as the Father wishes.  We are also called to follow Jesus closely and to bring all people to become one with the Father.  We do so by the way we walk the way of love.  Spend time with Jesus and ask for the grace and strength to be faithful and full of love for God and for all people.

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