Feast of St. Agnes

Readings: Heb. 7:25-8:6 | Ps. 40:7-10, 17 | Mk. 3:7-12

The first reading continues to describe Christ as the High Priest who was perfect and sits at the right hand of God. As such, Jesus, Son of God, mediates a perfect offering for us with God. Jesus’ sacrifice mediates a new covenant on our behalf with God. The Gospel pictures Jesus going to the Sea of Galilee where He continued to be present to the people. Jesus realizes that He could continue His teaching without being harmed by the people. Jesus does not try to escape. Rather, He recognizes the need of the people and goes out of His way in order to heal them. Jesus truly mediates new life for these people.

Notice that Jesus goes to Galilee and the people follow Him. Jesus does not dismiss them, become angry or annoyed. Jesus takes the people where they are and cures them. Who are the people in your life who seek your help: a kind word, encouragement, acceptance, compassion, etc.? Are you willing to go out of your way to help them? Do you remain selfish and seek your own solace? Take time to ask Christ to teach you real compassion. Go to Christ for the help to walk in His path. Bring joy to all.

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