Feast of Sts. Vincent and Marianne Cope

Heb. 9:15, 24-28 | Ps. 98:1-6 | Mk. 3:22-30

The Gospel is a continuation of the passage where Jesus’ relatives are trying to restrain Him because they think He has gone mad.  The Pharisees take this one step further and accuse Jesus of healing people through the power of Beelzebul.  Jesus’ response is to ask a question: How can Satan cast out Satan?  To do so would require Satan to be against his own house and this would lead to its downfall.  Once again, Jesus has been able to use the words of the Pharisees to negate their own position.  The author of the first reading continues his description of Jesus as the Priest who sacrificed Himself and thus brought about our salvation.  This very person, Jesus, whom the Pharisees ridicule and try to degrade, is the person Christ, who has saved all of us through the ultimate act of obedience to God through His death on the Cross.  

Recall times when you have had to endure ridicule for doing something good for God.  Were you tempted to give up?  Did you want to get “even?”  Spend time talking to Jesus about this situation and then pray with Jesus in this scripture passage from Mark.  Ask Jesus for the courage to remain steadfast during these days of trial.  Thank Jesus for all He endured for you.  Resolve to remain faithful to Christ.

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