Feast of St. Francis De Sales

 2 Sm. 5:1-7, 10 | Ps. 89:20-22, 25-26 | Mk. 3:22-30

David is reminded by the Israelites that God anointed him king.  He allows the people to celebrate this anointing and then takes his place as King of Israel.  David became a great king because he remained faithful to God.  Jesus, likewise remaining faithful, is accused by the Scribes of casting out demons through the power of the demons.    In response, Jesus asks the question as to how satan could work against satan.  Jesus reminds us that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.  We know this from history and we have seen this played out in our own lives either in families, groups, or at work.  Jesus calls us to remain faithful to God so that we can do wonderful deeds in God’s name.  We are asked to trust God that God will guide us along the way.

Be still for several minutes.  Reflect and note those organizations which have fallen apart. Why?  How will you remain faithful to God today?  What changes will you make?

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