Feast of the Conversion of Paul, Apostle

Acts 22:3-16 | Ps. 117:1-2 | Mk. 16:15-18

The Acts of the Apostles is a most appropriate reading for us on this, the celebration of the Conversion of Saul. Paul is met by the Lord on the way to Damascus.  He is blinded by the great light in the sky, and he hears Christ asking him why he is persecuting Him.   Paul is met by Christ and vice versa.  From this moment on, the dedication that led Paul to be diligent in persecuting people now calls him to be diligent in the service of Christ.  Paul is healed by Ananias and is baptized.  The Gospel depicts Jesus’ resurrection appearance to the apostles.  Jesus missions them to go to the whole world and to spread the Good News.  Those who believe will be saved.  Signs will accompany these people.  In Christ’s name they will be able to cast out demons and cure the sick.  This is what happens to Paul.  He believes, is baptized, and heals many people.  Paul is truly a follower of Christ and will stop at nothing to proclaim that Good News.

Think about the reading from Acts.  How have you responded to God’s call to conversion, new life, new growth?  Ask Paul to intercede with God for you to have the courage and strength you need to proclaim God’s word to your family, your neighbor, etc.

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