Feast of St. Angela Merici

2Sam. 7:18-19, 24-29 | Ps. 132:1-5, 11-14 | Mk. 4:21-25

David has asked to build a house for the Ark of the Covenant.  God  responds that God has not had a permanent house up to this time and does not need one.  David ask God to bless him.

Jesus tells a series of parables today.  These parables are about lamps and where one places them. 

Likewise nothing that is done is done without God’s knowledge.  Those who have ears should listen.   The measure with which we give to others will be given back to us.  Finally those who have will be given more and those who do not have, will have all taken away.  All of these statements are calling us to examine our lives and the quality of how we live them.  Do we live fully and openly or do we live miserly and secretly?  The more we are open and giving the happier we will be.  The less open and miserly, the less happy we will be.

Pay attention to your life.  In what areas do you live miserly and secretively?  What is one area you can begin to work on and ask God to gift you all you need to change? Spend time asking God to help you be open.  Decide on one way in which you will open up more of yourself to God and others.

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