The Most Holy Name of Jesus

1Jn. 3:22-4:6 | Ps. 2:7-8, 10-12a | Mt. 4:12-17, 23-25

John tells us that we are called to believe in the name of Jesus Christ, that is, to believe in Jesus.  John also reminds us to be discerning people when approached by others to join in a new movement of any sort. We will know a movement is authentic if it leads us to Christ, if not, it is not authentic.  The Gospel relates the death of John the Baptist.  After this event, Jesus moves to Capernaum and the Galilee surroundings to do His ministry.  He chooses the disciples from this area, and He begins to go throughout the entire area and performs many miracles.  Galilee is probably one of the last places most people would choose to go to; but, Jesus knows that the hearts of these people are open, and He will be able to touch them.

How open to God’s Word are you?  Do you live to fulfill your dreams or to bring about God’s love in your life?  How can you do more?

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