Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jer. 1:4-5, 17-19 | Ps. 71:1-6, 15-17 | 1Cor. 12:31-13:13 | Lk. 4:21-30

Jesus is in the synagogue and is criticized by the leaders of the Jews because He told them that  the Scriptures were being fulfilled in their midst.  Jesus reminds them that no one accepts a prophet in his native land.  Jesus also reminds them that it was not the widows of Israel who were helped by Elijah but a widow of Sidon who believed.  The same was true for Elisha who cured the Syrian, Naaman.  The first reading gives us a clue to the choosing of a prophet.  The prophet, as all of us, are known and loved by God even before any of us are formed in our mother’s womb.  The prophet is called  to stand  before others and to bring them the Word of God.  They were not usually accepted because they called people to repentance and change.  The leaders reject Jesus and so they try to kill Him,  but Jesus  is able to walk away and resume His ministry.  Paul reminds us that it is the great virtue of love that enables us to live with and for others.  Indeed, Jesus’ every deed proclaimed God’s love for us.

Spend time with one of these readings today.  Ask God to enable you to come to know and to deeply accept the great love that God has for you.  Feel that love deep within.  Relish that love.  Take that love to all with Whom you come in contact.

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