Monday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Heb. 11:32-40 | Ps. 31:20-24 | Mk. 5:1-20

Paul continues his teaching about faith.  He uses wonderfully descriptive language to describe what people endured because of their faith in Jesus.  He concludes this talk with a statement that all these martyrs for the faith did so out of a belief that even though they might not see the promise fulfilled, they knew that they would be rewarded in life everlasting.  This is what is important to them.  The Gospel speaks about Jesus’ cure of the demoniac who was possessed by a legion.  When Jesus orders the demons out, they ask not to be sent out of the area.  Jesus saw the herd of swine nearby and sent the demons into them.  The entire herd falls into the sea.  The owners and swineherds and all the people see the result of lost swine and are concerned with the material loss.  The value of a person being saved and healed does not seem to be a concern.

The Gospel calls us to look at the way we value.  Do we value God and people (others) more than money and objects of possession?  Do we get upset over losses of things more than we do about the loss of someone’s life?  How do we give witness to the faith?  Think of the ways in which you spend your time.  How often do you put off doing things with family and children?  When push comes to shove, what or who takes priority?  How will you change?  Begin to do so now.

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