Feast of St. Raymond of Penyafort

Readings: 1Jn. 4:19-5:4 | Ps. 72:1-2, 14-15, 17 | Lk. 4:14-22

John continues to call us to love. He extends his comments to the fact that we cannot hate others. If we do, then we cannot say that we believe in God; because, anyone who has come to believe in God has been transformed and must love others.

Jesus returns to Nazareth where He was raised. He goes to the synagogue and proclaims the scripture passage from Isaiah. He tells the people that this passage is fulfilled this day in their hearing. The Spirit of God has indeed been given to each of us through our Baptism. We are invited to enter into that Spirit and to live out of that Spirit. Doing so, we will be graced to go out to others in peace and to bring them the love of God that John teaches us about. Doing so, we will help all those who come to us and all those who need our help in any way.

Reflect on this passage. How might God be calling you to grow in love this day?

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