Feast of St. Junipero Serra

Gn. 22:1b-19 | Ps. 115:1-6, 8-9 | Mt. 9:1-8

The readings teach us about faith. Abraham’s faith in God’s Covenantal promise is tested when God asks him to take Isaac to Mt. Moriah and to sacrifice him. Abraham didn’t understand, yet he believed that God would provide for him. The people carrying the paralyzed man had great faith that Jesus would be able to cure him. They were willing to carry the man the distance to Jesus. Jesus speaks to the man and tells him his sins are forgiven. After He is challenged, Jesus tells the man to get up, take his mat, and go home. This man had to have great faith to simply do as he was told. The question for us is: “Do I believe? Do I believe that God’s love is so strong that no matter what I need, God will provide? Jesus calls me to do so.

Spend time reflecting on these two passages. How strong is your faith? Ask Jesus for the gift of faith to be able to respond as Abraham did and as the men who carried the paralyzed

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