Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Amos 7:12-15 | Ps. 85:9-14 | Eph. 1:3-14 | Mark 6:7-13

The theme of mission recurs again today. Amos, the prophet, is rejected by the Israelites. They do not want to hear what he is telling them. They try to get rid of him; but, he tells them, “I was a shepherd. God took me from my work and told me: “Go prophesy to my people Israel.” Having been sent, he utilizes the gifts given him and remains faithful to the task of prophecy. Paul’s address to the Ephesians is both a prayer and an address. He tries to instill in the people the fact that it is God who has blessed them in and through Jesus. It is God’s plan to save, heal, and redeem them; and, it is all done through the power and work of Jesus who was rejected by the people. Jesus, in the Gospel, sends the apostles out to preach the word. He warns them not to stay where they are not welcomed. They go and are able to heal many.

Mission is about preaching the Word of God to others. Through our Baptism, we are all given this mission to carry out in our lives each day. We may be rejected as Amos, Jesus, and the apostles were. We will be strengthened by God to do the work. We will not be alone as we see that they were not alone.

Take time to reflect on how willingly you preach the Word of God to others. If you do not do so, spend time with Jesus and the scripture reading from Mark. Read it and ask for the grace to be able to do so today. Reread the Gospel and allow God to touch you further. If time allows, reread it again and let the Word take root in your heart. Remain faithful as Amos, Paul, and the apostles and Jesus were.

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