Feast of St. Benedict, Abbot

Is. 1:10-17 | Ps. 50:8-9, 16-17, 21, 23 | Mt. 10:34-11:1

Isaiah relates the fact that God does not want the sacrifice of animals.  What God wants is a different sacrifice which will turn the world system inside out.  God wants the people to cease doing evil and learn to do good.  God wants them to extend justice to all people , to hear the cries of the orphans, and to come to the aid of widows.  These deeds are the deeds of one who lives a moral life and looks out for the needs of one’s neighbor. Jesus tells His disciples why He came.  His mission is to bring us to the Father; and, if in doing so families are split then that is what will happen.  Jesus doesn’t set out to divide families.   However, He knows that many will listen to Him and others will not.  Thus the family divides.  If this happens, it is because of the lack of belief on each person’s part.  Jesus tell us further that those who love others more than God will receive a just reward.  Those who put God first will be rewarded for taking this stand.

Today we can make a choice.  We can decide to love God above all things.  When we do that, we will have to choose to love ourselves and our neighbors as much.  We will see the suffering, and we will know that we must go out to help them.  Look around you.  Who are the starving in your neighborhood?  Who are the starving in our country, our world?  Can you help them?  How can you influence others to help?  Make a decision today concerning how you will work for justice, for the poor.

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