Feast of St. Henry

Ex. 2:1-15 | Ps. 69:3, 14, 30-31, 33-34 | Mt. 11:20-24

The readings tell of the deeds of two great men, Moses and Jesus. We hear how Moses was born, adopted by Pharaohs daughter, and grew up as an Egyptian. Moses is concerned for the well-being of people; and, when he sees them fighting, he intercedes. An Egyptian is killed, and Moses flees for his life.

Jesus likewise is interceding for His people. He has tried many methods to convert them and try to bring them to love God. Today, however, Jesus is more blunt and to the point. He tells it as it is and tries to get the people to realize that God has done many great things for them through Jesus–yet they refuse to believe in Him. Jesus tries to warn them that they will be held accountable for what they do and for what they do not do.

We will also be held accountable for the manner in which we respond to the Gospel and for the manner in which we refuse to respond. Take time to reflect on how you live the Gospel each day. How do you give evidence of your love of God as you live each day? In what ways do you neglect to do so? How will you change this for the better? Begin today!

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