Feast of St. Henry

Is 10:5-7, 13b-16 | Ps. 94:5-10, 14-15 | Mt. 11:25-27

Jesus offers a hymn of praise to the Father.  Jesus tells us that it is not the wise, deemed so by the world, who understand the ways of God.  It is rather the person who has an open heart just as a child does.  This person is able to hear God’s love, accept that love, and acts unhesitatingly in carrying out that word of love.  Jesus also tells us that the way to come to know God the Father is by coming to know Him, the Son.  Jesus’ one desire is to bring all of us into a deep relationship with the Father.  To do so requires faith, love and time on our part to be with Jesus in attentive prayer.  There is no one whom Jesus will exclude.  We will be the ones who exclude ourselves because we do not give enough of ourselves to building that relationship with God.  It is the heart that is open that is able to accept Jesus.  

Think of one of your children or a child you have observed.  What is the attitude of the child?  How open is the child to the love of another?  How easily does the child respond to the love shown him/her.  Consider yourself.  Are you as open to God’s love as that child?  What keeps you from being so?  Take time today to go to Jesus in love and ask Him to take you to the Father.  Allow Jesus to show you the way.  Respond with love.

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