Feast of St. Bonaventure

Ex. 3:13-20 | Ps. 105:1, 5, 8-9, 24-27 | Mt. 11:28–30

Jesus invites each of us, tenderly and compassionately, to come to Him and we will be given rest. Jesus invites us further to take up our yoke and to follow Him, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. How loving Jesus is to us! He recognizes that our lives will not always be easy; but, He also promises that if we go to Him to share our concerns and sorrows with Him that He will help us shoulder those burdens and sorrows. Those burdens and sorrows will never be greater than we can manage. We see that God recognizes our sufferings when we read the passage from Exodus. God has seen the suffering of the Israelites and sends Moses to save them from Pharaoh. God promises Moses that God will respond to the needs of the people even if it means continued affront of Pharaoh. We know that God was faithful both to the Israelites and to Moses and to the thousands of people who have lived since.

We are called to be faithful to God in response to God’s care and protection. Take time to reflect on the ways God has provided for you in the past. Remember that God will remain faithful. Give your concerns to God and allow God to take care of them. You will find greater peace

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