Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jer. 23:1-6 | Ps. 23:1-6 | Eph. 2:13-18 | Mk. 6:30-34

Today’s readings capture the idea of the shepherd. Jeremiah tells us how God promises to send a leader, a king, who will shepherd his people and do so in a righteous manner without lording it over people. Paul reminds us that Christ is the one who shepherded the people by dying for them and bringing all of us who are sinners close to God. His life was all about establishing peace. The Gospel relates the story of the apostles returning from their preaching trip and trying to tell Jesus all about it. Jesus, the compassionate shepherd, sees that they are tired and invites them to go away to a quiet place for rest. Jesus wants to give them the time they need to be refreshed. It is a lesson for us. We need to realize that when we are out working, doing the activity we were sent to do, we must provide time to recoup and that is Sabbath time – time to rest.

Consider when or how often you take Sabbath time. Do you have time each week to be quiet and to rest in God? If not what is your excuse? God invites all of us to grow into a relationship of love with Him. We will always have another task to perform. We do not always have the time to grow in relationship with God. How will you put time in your life for resting in God?

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