Monday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Ex. 14:21-15-1 | Ps. Ex. 15:1-6 | Mt. 12:38-42

The Israelites have gained freedom from Egypt, but Pharaoh decides to pursue them. When the Israelites see them, they become fearful and cry out to God. God hears them and tells Moses to raise his staff and part the sea. Thus God, once again, comes to the aid of the Israelites. The Pharisees and Scribes are still trying to trap Jesus. They ask Him for a sign. Jesus knows their intent and refuses to do so. Jesus turns their question around to teach them about faith. He reminds them about the faith of the Queen of the South. Likewise, Jesus reminds them about Jonah and compares Himself to Jonah.

We are asked to believe in who Jesus is and all that He said and did. We are asked to trust and to put all fear aside. We have the Word of God that He will never leave us alone. We are called to trust. Take time to examine the quality of your trust. Is God asking you to trust more completely? Ask for the grace to do so.

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