Saturday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Amos 9:11-15 | Ps. 85:9ab, 10-14 | Mt. 9:14-17

Amos continues his prediction toward Israel.  He promises that God will remain with the people.  Those who listen, are faithful, and carry out the word will be saved.  They will be treated with great love and will know God’s favor.  Jesus is again the object of criticism.  When He is asked why His disciples do not fast, He responds that one does not fast when the bridegroom is present.  Jesus continues to lead the people to Himself by trying to show them to see that when a new image of God is presented, we need to let go of old images.  Just as new wine cannot be put into old wineskins so God’s word must be put into new hearts.  We need to keep our hearts new and fresh to hear God’s word as new and fresh each day.  When our hearts grow old, we are not able to hear the new word. 

Today, spend time with God to see if there are areas of your heart which you have allowed to grow old.  Are you willing to allow God to touch those areas so that they can be renewed and freshened?  Ask God for the gift to be able to remain new before Him and to be able to hear God’s word with fresh ears.  Then your life will be renewed and filled with joy to go out to bring that joy to others.

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