Feast of St. Lawerence of Brindisi

Ex. 16:1-5, 9-15 | Ps. 78:18-19, 23-28 | Jn.20:1-2, 11-18

Today is the feast of Mary Magdalene. Thus, the Gospel today is the story of the resurrection appearance of Jesus to her. Mary is among the first women to whom Jesus appears. She deeply loved Jesus and was still mourning his death. She does not find Jesus in the tomb. When she leaves the tomb, she asks the man who is standing in the garden if he knew where they had taken Jesus. She does not recognize Him. It is only when Jesus calls her by name that she realizes that this is Jesus. Consider the state of being Mary must have been in and then think about how she must have felt when she heard Jesus pronounce her name. Jesus’ love is so great that he allows Mary to recognize Him by calling her by name.

We are also called by God by name. We were called at the moment of conception and once again through our Baptism. How does God call you by name? Have you taken time to listen to God so that you can hear? Put yourself in the garden with Mary. Allow Jesus to call you by name. What does this call do to you? Take time each day to allow yourself to be with Jesus. Listen as He calls your name. Respond with love.

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