Feast of St. Sharbel

Ex. 24:3-8 | Ps. 50:1-2, 5-6, 14-15 | Mt. 13:24-30

Moses shares the new Covenant and the commandments with the people. They agree to carry out all that God is asking of them.

The Gospel is about the Weeds growing among the wheat. The gardener has sown good seed in his field. During the night and unknown to the owner, an enemy sows weeds on this same field.
When the disciples see the results, they ask Jesus if he wants them to pull up the weeds. But Jesus responds: “No let them alone as it is possible that the good seeds might come up at the same time. When harvest time comes, they will separate the weeds from the wheat and the weeds will be burned.

When we apply this parable to the spiritual life, we might be tempted to think that the weeds are doing better than the wheat. What Christ is inviting us to look at more closely is how do we give our best to God. Do we attempt to grow good seed or are we careless with the way we share our lives with God and others. In the end, the latter is more important and we share in God’s life accordingly.

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