Feast of St. James, the Apostle

2Cor. 4:7-15 | Ps. 126:1-6 | Mt. 20:20-28

Today, the feast of St. James, we hear Paul telling the Corinthians that we hold the treasure of God in clay vessels and we must take care of these vessels (ourselves).  Paul continues to talk about how he has been persecuted.  Through all of it God has been victorious in him and it is the gift of the Holy Spirit who gifts us with grace upon grace.  James and John’s Mother comes to Jesus to ask Him to be sure that her sons will sit on His right and left in the Kingdom.  Jesus responds by asking James and John if they are able to drink the cup He is to drink.  Their response is “yes” but they have no idea what this means.  Jesus tells them that they will drink His cup but the places in the Kingdom are assigned by God.  The cup is what Paul is referring to in his persecutions and trials.  James and John do not understand this now but the Holy Spirit will come to them and give them all they need.

Likewise, we are asked to remember that God dwells in us and we are asked to drink the cup as well.  Whatever the cup holds, God will be present to provide all we need just as God took care of Jesus, the apostles, Paul, and all the followers of Christ who have preceded us.  Listen to the words of scripture again.  Ask for the grace to be a faithful disciple of Christ

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