Feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne

 Jer. 14:17-22 | Ps. 79:8-9, 11, 13 | Mt. 13:36-43

God is telling the Jewish people that because they refuse to listen to Him they will be punished.   The King and Queen will be overthrown and the kingdom will be banished.  The disciples ask Jesus to explain the parable of the wheat.   Jesus is the sower of the good seed and the devil is the sower of the bad seed.  The good seed are the children of the kingdom while the weeds are the children of the evil one.  Thus, we will be seen as good or bad according to the fruit we bear.  If we bear good fruit we will inherit the Kingdom of God. If we bear bad fruit we will be thrown into the furnace.  Life presents us with many events and if we listen and follow Christ, we will bear good fruit.

Look at your life.  How would you describe what your life is like?  How much good has occurred because of you?  How many people have come closer to God because of your bright light of peace, joy, contentment and compassion?  Spend time with Christ in prayer.  Give thanks to Him for all the gifts God has given you.  Ask him for the grace to be strong and bear His light to all.

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